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The fresh “Spouts” is one of the most inspiring story books for kids, especially for the young ones – inspired by the Tropical Islands of the South Seas. It features a positive moral message for children by helping them to live a peaceful and happy life. At a younger age, children can learn that being blessed with unusual gifts is a good thing.

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Spouts – The whale who saved Christmas. A baby whale was born with an unusual gift, which was shocking for all the other whales around him. But Solay, the baby whale mother, encouraged him to utilize this gift to help others around him. Although the normal whales are not accepting this gift that Spout has been blessed with.

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Amazing story

Mr & Mrs. Santa have planned a vacation at the Hula Bear Island and Solay; the mother of Spouts is taking them there on their back. It is a vacation which the entire North Pole Crew is taking before preparing the Christmas gifts for all the children. The Bears have welcomed the whole North Pole Crew with a warm heart, and the endless fun is about to begin.

But when the North Pole Crew goes back to home, Santa has discovered a problem which needs to be resolved on priority; otherwise, the entire Christmas would be at risk. Children would be disappointed, but Santa wouldn't let it happen. There is a mystery as to how this small baby whale helped Santa saved Christmas. Unlock the mystery by reading the complete story.

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baby Whale Story

Fictional stories have taken the heart of children, but Eden Bancroft presents inspirational stories based on real-life experiences that could encourage your children to become a better human being. Spouts is a story about a baby whale who was blessed with an unusual and extraordinary gift. Usually, children who are born different are not accepted as regular parts of our society.

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