14 Jan 2020

06 Feb 2020

Start reading, talking to your baby from the time you know you have a baby in your womb!

Yes, reading is this important. And, you have to make every effort if you want your kid to become a pro reader when they grow old in the future.

Being a parent, we must remember that our kids will get through every stroppy time, hard-hitting state, and joyful coup of the young years with these stories in mind. Offering a helping hand with relatable characters, these stories challenge rules and make known new aspects kids may have never thought before.

1. Let your kid choose the book.

When it comes to picking the genre of a book, there come hundreds of options, making selection even troublesome. However, the best books are the ones your kid wants to read and revel in. Let your kid pick out the books they want for themselves or ask them to update you on what their most recent interests are. Also, ask your little ones about their favorite illustration.

2. Don’t afraid to give suggestions.

Children may even choose books because their size is fascinating…sometimes that possibly because they’re mathematically or artistically willing. Sometimes they’re cautious. So, your opinion always matters and counts.

3. Don’t Stick to One Genre.

One important suggestion: don’t stick to one genre. For instance, your kid loves to read fiction with full-color illustrations on various topics. But, make them read other topics, as well, including animals, weather, arts and crafts, historical clothing, science, kitchen science, architecture, dinosaurs. Etc.

4. Choose Age-appropriate Books

The book you are choosing for your kid must be age-appropriate. Let’s suppose you won’t love to read scientific research of Medicine unless you have the potential or interest in it. Your child is no exception. They love entertaining, stupid, and splendidly illustrated tales that they can handle themselves without shredding or ripping the pages. Choose a foolish and rhymic story that explains concepts for your preschoolers. Choose a cool, relatable character story for your older children.

Lastly, Discuss the Story

After you’ve read the book with them, or they’ve read it, you can ask them to consider telling you what they liked or didn’t like about that particular book. Discuss the topic of the story, and how it can be written better. Make your discussions more easygoing by listening to what your kid wants to say without any interference. Also, do not force your idea about the book on them. By doing this, your kid can lose their interest in the book and even get bored with the whole reading habit.

06 Feb 2020

Do you know why reading is important for your young ones? Well, you must have heard tons of benefits when it comes to reading a good book, but didn’t give a deep thought to it.

Reading is an important skill which everyone should have. Being a parent of young ones, it is essential to foster this skill in your children.

Not only reading a story or short novel or books is necessary for survival in the world of schools, but in adult life as well. When you get involved in reading, you find much helpful information on anything from health-related issues to more academic research into various topics.

Unfortunately, with the advancement of the internet, it has become more challenging to read more and more books. Not to forget, the internet, itself a mammoth new source of information and reformation, is based on the modest written word. Making the most of reading and critical thinking skills is important when it comes to employ the web and judge the reality and worth of available materials.

The fact is quite simple and straightforward – more kids read, the better they become at reading and academics.

Reading an interesting yet informative piece of writing helps develop an interest in mastering reading in your little kids. Also, reading out loud helps increase the development of their spoken language skills, and upsurge their ability to express their feelings with the world.

Reading, by way of books, children’s stories, magazines or websites, presents kids to new vocabulary. They absorb something new with the help of context and deepen their understanding of that word, as well. Mastering new words every day with the help of reading can help your kid master a language, and thus make them stand out, wherever they put their feet on.

Instead of time-consuming, reading should be viewed as a pleasurable activity – as a source of amusing stories and valuable and thought-provoking realistic information. To get your kid engaged with reading material, we need to make sure that what they read should be interesting enough to captivate their attention, for a long period. And, so can develop the reading skills that they’ll need for full access to information when they grow.

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. Dr. Seuss

06 Feb 2020

Reading is rewarding. No matter where you are, don’t miss any opportunity to revel in a good piece of writing. And, if you don’t know how to read a book, here we have got some amazing tips.

1. Select the Book Carefully

Not all books can appeal to you, neither have you to scratch your mind with all. Instead, get your hands on the books that you actually love to read, and think you will not get bored in the middle.

The fact is simple – reading your preferred books amuse you. When you enjoy what you reading you want to read more, and improve your reading skills, as well. On the other hand, when you select a non-interesting book, you’ll find it more difficult to give your attention.

So, select the book you love, enjoy your reading experience, and use it for pleasure as well as learning.

2. Don’t Quit.

Don’t show procrastination, and never quit when you are halfway through a book. It is common and many people do ask themselves, “Why am I even spending time with this book?” This is nothing to be worried about. All you have to kill your procrastination, remove all the obstacles that make you quit reading, and encourage yourself throughout the route.

3. Time Your Reading.

Time matters a lot when it comes to reading. Manage your time as per your convenience. Choose reading passages of between 500-800 words. To grasp the idea better, give yourself 20 minutes to write down the main idea that you have extracted from the story.

4. Carry A Book All the Time.

No matter where you are or where you go, make sure you carry a book or two with you. Reading while traveling or waiting for something can help pass your time. So, have a book on hand, and don’t let your time go idle, not even 10 minutes. Newspapers, journals, and magazines are great to read when you are traveling or waiting for your appointment.

5. Take part In Reading Challenges.

Reading is fun and interesting, but sometimes it becomes challenging to put your 100% attention, especially when you have so many other things to do. Partaking in reading challenges can encourage you to read more books. Take an instance of Goodreads – it has an annual challenge reading that fuels your reading objectives, and help you learn more.

6. Make the Most of Technology.

Physical books are great to read. From the smell to texture, everything is irresistible about a new book. In fact, several studies have found that reading print helps you better comprehend the central idea of the story compared to computer screens. In spite of everything, it is not easy to carry those bulky books with you, everywhere. For this reason, it is advised to read a book on your iPad or Kindle. You can also listen to the stories you like through Audible or iBook.

Make use of the tricks mentioned above and see positive changes in yourself. Also, we would love to know what tricks you use to read more books.

06 Feb 2020

Your little, naughty one is growing up. You give them care, love and attention, but they need much more. They need good nurturing input, along with your attention. Get your kid books to read so that they can make the most of it. Encouraging reading habits in your kids may seem ‘easier said than done’, and it is, unfortunately. You have to spend a considerable amount of time with your kids, and show a lot of patience with them, in order to make them ready for reading informative books every day.

Don’t worry, we have brought some easy yet effective tips to help you make your kids good at reading. Give a read!

1. Surround Your Kid with a Lot of Books

Being a parent, you are accountable for your kids’ actions, behaviors, and habits. When it comes to habits, it may take months to years to develop one habit. So, if you want your kid to love reading, you need to make sure that they are surrounded by books, instead of games. Give them a short story with good morals to read every day. Remove all the interruptions or barriers that de-motivate them while reading. Ask your kid about the book or story they’ve read. Ask about the moral.

2. Let Your Kid Read What They Want To

What your kid prefers or likes matters a lot. Especially in reading, you should consider their interests. Ask your kid what genre they want to read, what story they like, what writer they love, and as many questions as you can ask. Once understand your kids’ reading preference, bring those books and ask them to read.

3. Set a Reading Routine

Timing is important. Fix a particular amount of time for reading for your kids. Be it two hours a day or twenty minutes, no matter what, encourage your kids to read at a specific time day – every day. Make sure they don’t show procrastination with their reading routine.

4. Let Your Kid Know You Enjoy Reading, Too

Chances are, you might have no idea that your kid sees you as a model and learns from you. What you say to them and what you do in front of them – everything is important and matters a lot. Reading is no exception. If you want your kid to love to read, start sharing your love of reading with them and let them know how amusing the habit is.

Share your opinions about the blog. We hope you have found this blog interesting and helpful.

06 Feb 2020

Reading changes you for the better. When you spend time reading a book or a magazine article, you catch many new things and learn a lot.

Reading has a significant number of benefits, and some of them are discussed below.

1. Helps Understand the World

Starting with picture books, working up to more complex novels, stories are a great way to learn and explore the world of possibilities and realities.

Kids when indulged with reading learn about concepts, and how to carry down everyday chores. Stories based on real-life events can help your little one comprehends the diversity of the world and the nature of other people.

Learning through stories is not as complex as many of us consider; instead, it is a natural process. The more you read; the more you learn new things.

2. Helps Cope With Feelings

Emotive stories help kids understand and accept their feelings. It helps them understand people surrounding them are emotive and sensual. They develop we-feelings – the feeling that other kids are the same as they are. They learn expressing their feeling.

3. Boosts Confidence

Reading makes you more confident. It makes you strong to deal with any odd situation as you already know to manage and control things. Kids who love to read seem more active in their school activities. They develop self-acceptance that comes after knowing that you are not different from others, but an important part of the world.

4. Helps Increase Power of Imagination

Super realistic or incredibly fantastical, stories introduce new ideas to kids – ideas about the world of fantasy, other globes, different points in time and dreamt-up characters. The more your kid read, the more they develop the power of imagination. It’ll encourage the children to realize that they can, and should, create the world of fantasy with no impossibilities. It will help your kids learn how powerful they are.

5. Offers Peace of Mind

Apart from intellectual growth, reading gives you peace of mind. Reading stories can enable youngsters to erase the stresses and strains of the day from their minds and participate in fantasy for a time. The calming acquaintance of a much-loved story, the rhyming, and replication in a picture book, in conjunction with the sense of retreat that time spent flicking through the pages of some interesting book, all together, can stand-in, help one to chill out.

If you are one who loves to read, you already know how beneficial it is. And, if you don’t spend time reading, you must consider reading a good book or story, right now!

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